After a Twitter and Instagram spat over her nomination for best rap performance at the Grammys, Cardi B appears to have shut down her accounts. It appears that she wanted to distance herself from the Twitter and Instagram users who are criticizing her for not attending the awards show. Fans have accused her of being deceptive and denying the fact that she had been nominated.

According to TMZ, the rapper deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts on Saturday amid a major twitter spat involving her appearance at the Grammy Awards. The singer and her husband Offset have a large fan base, and Cardi’s Twitter account was one of her most active. Although she had more than 100 million followers, the two platforms were recently rife with controversy. Following a public feud over the Grammys, Cardi B defended herself by calling her followers “fuckin dumb” and praising her new album.

However, fans are still disappointed. The rapper has no intention of attending the 2019 Grammy Awards and instead will be spending time with her family. Apparently, she did not attend because of the backlash that she received from her tweets. In March, she apologized for the comments on Instagram, but she later doubled down on them via IG Live. The situation is so extreme that she may not be able to attend.

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After a week-long tweet war with her fans on social media, Cardi B has decided to take a step back. While she had over 100 million followers, her account has been inactive since then. In October, she deleted her account, but she has kept her Instagram account active. The controversy over her appearance at the Grammy Awards has forced her to delete her Twitter account.

After a tense Grammy Awards spat, Cardi B has deleted her Twitter account. Her tweets criticized the rap singer for not attending the awards show in 2022. In response, she deactivates her Instagram account, and she has subsequently denied the accusations made by fans about her children. Moreover, the rapper’s tweets have a large following and is a highly-viewed online.

  1. After criticizing her followers over her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Cardi B deactivates her Twitter account. The rapper has not been shy on social media, defending her reputation with sincere posts. She is also an important part of her fans’ lives and has many fans in her country. She has been on the road with her kids and children, and is now spending her time with her children.

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