Bryant Beats Wagner for NEC Men's Basketball Title in Game Marred by Fight

In a highly-anticipated matchup, Bryant University defeated Wagner, 70-43, to win the NEC men’s basketball tournament. The game was marred by a fight between fans of both teams, which was later de-escalated by the players. The game ended with 2.6 seconds left, and both teams were awarded the championship.

Bryant beats Wagner for NEC mens basketball title in game marred by fight

Despite the fight, the game was suspended with 4:37 left in the second half after a fight in the stands. The two teams were sent to the locker rooms, and police officers sorted out the situation. While Bryant’s players did not enter the stands, two Wagner fans were escorted out of the building. Despite the controversy, the men’s basketball team had won the NEC title and earned a trip to the NCAA Tournament.

The crowd erupted in a fight behind the Wagner bench during the game, and Wagner fans were forced to leave. The brawl lasted nearly 30 minutes. After the ejections, the game was restarted without incident, but the tension remained. With 2.6 seconds left, officials halted the game, and both fans of the teams stormed the court. Despite the fight, the Bulldogs won their second straight NEC men’s basketball tournament, and their victory was overshadowed by the incident.

A fight during the Wagner-Bryant men’s basketball game halted the game for about 30 minutes. The fans of the visiting team had sat near the student section of Bryant and began to scuffle. Local police and state police officers were on the court while tensions calmed. When the two sides were able to resume play, officials checked replay monitors to determine whether any players had entered the stands. A fan in the Wagner student section, Will Martinez, was ejected and several other players needed to be restrained.

The two teams battled hard for the NEC men’s basketball championship before the game was delayed due to a fight. The fight lasted nearly 30 minutes, and the NEC is now looking into the game management policies. The Wagner student section had the same problem, and the students of Bryant were ejected as a result. In addition, the student section was also a scene of chaos after the game, and the spectators were unable to enjoy the event.

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The fight lasted nearly 30 minutes, halting the game’s final. Despite the fight, the NEC men’s basketball championship was still played, but it was spoiled by the fight. During that time, the Bulldogs were down by five points. At the end of the game, Wagner had won by four points and set a Division I program record.