Britney Spears' Mother Helps Daughter Win the Legal Battle

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, has requested that Britney be allowed to appoint her legal counsel to assist her in ending her conservatorship.

One day after Samuel D. Ingham III, the pop star’s lawyer, declared his desire to resign from the case, Lynne Spears filed new court documents on behalf of her daughter. These documents show that the singer is now in a very different place than when the conservatorship started in 2008.

“This Motion to Appoint private Counsel is extremely important and could very well impact all of the other requests made by Conservatee during her live testimony at June 23 Hearing,” court documents obtained by people.

“It is obvious that Conservatee must be allowed access to counsel of her choice before the Court addresses, as an example, termination of conservatorship.”

According to the documents Lynne Spears, 39-year-old Lynne described her daughter as “very courageous” following her June 24 court testimony.\

Britney Spears' Mother Helps Daughter Win the Legal Battle

She said that her daughter was able to take care of her own person and also mentioned her ability to choreograph, perform and earn literally hundreds of millions as an international celebrity.

The filing states that “Her capacity is certain to be different today than in 2008” and Conservatee should not be held to 2008 standards, where she was found to not have the capacity to retain counsel.

Britney Spears informed Judge Brenda Penny she was not allowed to choose her own legal counsel during her conservatorship.

“I would personally love to–actually I have a personal relationship with Sam, my lawyer. I have been talking to him about three times per week, and we’ve built a relationship. But, I haven’t had the chance to handpick my own lawyer,” the “Toxic” singer stated in court. “And that is what I would love to do.”

Lynne Sparrow spoke out about her daughter’s conservatorship. She did so in June to The New Yorker.

She said that she had mixed feelings about everything. “I don’t know what I should think… It’s a lot of pain and a lot of worries.

She said, “I’m good at deflecting.” She added: “I’m good at deflecting.”

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Jamie Spears’ lawyer stated that Jamie Spears was sorry for his daughter’s suffering and pain after her testimony. Mr. Spears is very proud of his daughter and loves her. Daily Reuters was informed by the lawyer of Mr. Spears that Jamie believes that every decision he made for her best interests in March.