Britney Spears apologizes for pretending to be okay in her conservatorship

Britney Spears, pop superstar, has apologized for not being open about her controversial conservatorship. She said she was “embarrassed to share what happened to me.”

Since her trial testimony on Thursday, the singer made her first public statement, telling her 30.6 million followers on Instagram that her social media persona gave the wrong impression. She also said that she regretted “pretending that I’ve been okay the past two years”.
Spears asked a judge Wednesday to end the conservatorship, allowing her father Jamie Spears control over her finances, career, and medical care for the past 13 years.
She described the conservatorship as abusive and addressed the Los Angeles court via phone. In a 25-minute speech, she claimed she felt that she was being forced to participate in the #FreeBritney movement.
Britney Spears apologizes for pretending to be okay in her conservatorship
Spears is currently under conservatorship by a court after several public personal issues.
The “Baby One More Time” singer posted on Instagram about how she regrets that her “pride” kept her from sharing her feelings of “going through hell.”
She wrote, “I just wanted to tell you guys something secret.” “I believe that we all desire a fairy-tale life. Based on the posts I have posted, my life looks and feels pretty amazing. That’s what I believe we all want!
The star, 39 years old, said: “That was one my mother’s greatest traits… regardless of how shitty a morning was when I was younger… for me and my siblings she always pretend like everything was okay. This is why I am bringing it up to everyone. I don’t want people to think that my life is perfect.
Spears stated that pretending to be okay on social media “actually helped”
“If you’ve read anything about me in the news this past week, you know that it’s not true!” I sincerely apologize for making it seem like I have been okay the past two years. I did it out of pride, and I was ashamed to share my story. But who wouldn’t want to have their Instagram photos in a fun light? It has helped, believes it or not, to pretend that I’m okay.
“I chose to post this quote because, by golly, if you’re going through hell… “I feel like Instagram has allowed me to have a cool outlet for sharing my presence… existence…and to feel like I matter, despite all that was happening.
Spears stated that she has been victimized by others throughout her life. She said that she wants and deserves to make changes.