Bosch to pour additional €400 million euros into chipmaking

Technology supply firm Robert bosch has announced that it is investing more than 40 million euros in expanding its chips making facilities in Germany and Malaysia year in the face of a crippling shortfall of vital components here’s a detalied look et the plans for this opal plant in central Germany has been closed for weeks and isn’t expected to reopen until next year a lack of microchips has stalled production a global semiconductor shortage is hitting the industry in Europe’s biggest economy and part suppliers bosch is looking to boost supply by investing 400 million euros to expand chip manufacturing the majority of the funds will go the Dresden facility which was opened this year at a cost of 1 billion euros the single largest investment in bosch will go to facilities in right lincoln Germany, where the so-called clean. room to make silicon wafers into semiconductor chips will be expanded by nearly 40 percent and in Penang Malaysia bosh, will construct

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A new semiconductor test center these investments couldn’t come at a better time not only are chips sought by many many companies bosch also uses chips in house for products like bosch power tool bit of good news for the EU which aims to increase domestic supply chai n resiliency over the next decade.