Boris Johnson wants to end the lockdown but reiterates that the "pandemic isn't over"

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will present Monday (5) the plans to end the British lockdown on Covid-19, which includes guidelines for social distancing and remote working.

Johnson has imposed the UK’s most severe non-wartime restrictions to combat the new coronavirus. Johnson will suspend the majority of these restrictions in England starting July 19. The final decision is expected to come a week before.

Boris Johnson wants to end the lockdown but reiterates that the "pandemic isn't over"

The government stated that while cases are expected to continue rising as restrictions are lifted and hospital admissions will decline, there is evidence that the link between deaths and hospitalizations is becoming weaker due to the rapid vaccination program.

Johnson predicts that people can live with Covid just as well as with flu. This means that hospitalizations, severe illness and death will continue but at a lower level than before large-scale vaccinations.

Johnson released a statement stating that as we learn to live with the virus, we need to all continue to deal with Covid’s risk and use discretion while we continue our lives.

“But I must stress that the pandemic has not ended.”


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The UK ranks seventh in the number of Covid-19-related deaths worldwide. Johnson is criticised for his decisions regarding the timing and location of each lockdown. However, 86% of adults have received their first dose and 64% have both. According to government data, doses will continue until Sunday.