Some blood centers in the United States are experiencing a shortage of one-day supplies, which has forced hospitals to delay their surgeries. The blood shortage is yet another fallout from the pandemic, experts say. Experts believe that the blood shortage is another result of the pandemic

OneBlood is the largest blood center in the Southeast and is trying to address the crisis of blood supply.

holding up a blood bag for life saving operation

Susan Forbes, OneBlood’s director of fundraising, said that it’s a 24-hour operation. “The donors have moved on from the traditional places. We lost large corporations, religious organisations, movie theatre drives, festivals that were being held, and so on.

Schools used 25% of the blood collected before COVID-19. Nationally, blood products are in high demand.

Some hospitals had to postpone scheduled surgery. NYU Langone Health surgeon-in-chief Dr. Paresh Shaikh said that they were close to doing the exact same thing at NYU Langone Health.

Shah stated that there was a huge backlog of tasks that needed to be done. Shah said, “We had such a low blood supply that even one major transfusion would have left us completely depleted.”

He stated that blood loss can lead to death in trauma situations.

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Iggy Friday, eleven years old, was diagnosed with Leukemia in the winter. He has required more than 30 transfusions throughout chemotherapy. The shortage caused his recent platelet transfusion to be delayed — but luckily only for a few hours.

“I thought about the people who would benefit from it right away and other things. He said that he was okay with waiting. It can save many lives and help a lot more people.