President Joe Biden has vowed to criticize Israel because it has pummeled Gaza using airstrikes within the last week — murdering dozens of Palestinian civilians in the process — and rights groups and several Democrats in Congress say it threatens his assurance to possess a foreign policy based on human rights.

Biden’s approach into the renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas over the last week hasn’t marked a significant departure from how previous US presidents reacted to flare ups from the Middle East struggle. The president has criticized Israel’s right to self love against Hamas attacks, while ripping into the Palestinian militant group for shooting rockets toward civilian regions in Israel. Twelve individuals in Israel, including two children, have been murdered by the enemy attacks, a CBS News.

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However, Biden has not publicly criticized Israel over its strategies in the combating and also the mounting number of deaths in Gaza amid the offensive, that has contained at least 61 kids, based on Gaza Health Ministry. The death toll in Gaza has climbed to at least 212 individuals.