On Saturday, President Joe Biden stated that the Justice Department would appeal a “deeply disappointed” Texas federal judge’s decision regarding a program that protects certain children of immigrants who came to the United States to be with their parents. He also called on Congress to act.

The White House released Biden’s statement one day after Andrew Hanen, U.S. District Judge, sided with Texas and a group of states suing to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Hanen ruled that former Democratic President Barack Obama committed an illegal act when he established the program in 2012 through executive action.

Biden stated that the ruling “relegates hundreds of thousands of young immigrant to an uncertain future.” Biden stated that the Justice Department will appeal the ruling to “preserve and fortify DACA”, adding that the Department of Homeland Security will also act in the near future.

Biden stated that only Congress can provide a permanent solution for Dreamers by providing a pathway to citizenship that will give them the security and stability they need.

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Biden stated, in reference to possible legislative options that lawmakers might take, “It’s my fervent wish that through reconciliation, or other means,” Congress will finally provide security for all Dreamers, which have lived too long living in fear.”

Hanen determined that DACA violated Administrative Procedure Act at its creation, but stated that because there are nearly 650,000 people enrolled in the program, his ruling would be temporarily suspended to allow them to renew their applications and their cases.