On Wednesday, President Joe Biden ventured into an Illinois County that Donald Trump had won twice. He then tried to sell a plan that would displease most MAGA supporters.

Big government. Increased corporate tax. Climate change: More money. Community college tuition free.

The White House’s next phase of its ambitious infrastructure package, which it has called the “Families Plan”, is now underway. The administration is making it clear that, even though it reached a deal on traditional infrastructure with Republicans, it hasn’t lost priority for his party’s base. His Wednesday visit was in that sense about Washington’s small audience as well as the small group of political figures who gathered at McHenry Community College for his remarks.

Biden was touring McHenry Community college when he was asked how he plans to move forward his plan. McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader (R-KY), had vowed that he would oppose the legislation. Biden criticized McConnell for being duplicitous after he made a similar vow earlier in the year. He then boasted about all the goodies he had brought back to his state.

“Mitch McConnell loves programs. Did you hear what Mitch McConnell said about our programs? He said he wouldn’t get one vote to make it possible for me to receive, with the help from everyone here, the $1.9 trillion tax cut.

“Look it up, man. It’s a great thing in Kentucky, he says. It’s incredible that $4 billion is being raised to aid the poor. Mitch McConnell. It’s even possible to see it on TV.

Although the White House does not expect to bring congressional Republicans aboard the Families Plan plan, it is trying to increase public support and hopefully polling numbers for its initiatives.

Similar to Biden’s Covid relief package that passed Congress with only Democratic support, it is similar. Despite the fact that it wasn’t supported by Republicans, the White House claimed it was bipartisan due to the overwhelming support from polls for the almost $2 trillion relief package.

Biden’s visit is less than two weeks following a bipartisan agreement between Biden and Republicans to invest $1 trillion into infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads, and broadband internet. However, the deal did not include many of progressives’ long-held goals, such as free college, expanded preschool and elder care funding, or a boost in climate investments.

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Biden reneged on his promise that he would only sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill “in conjunction” with the reconciliation package, which Democrats hope will pass on their own.

Biden’s latest pitch was made in this area, which is about 50 miles from Chicago. Although Crystal Lake is a vibrant suburb and a major area retailer hub, McHenry County includes more rural and agricultural areas.