Best Metaverse Crypto That Can Outperform Bitcoin In 2022

Metaverse cryptocurrency ELAND could unlock the future of digitally tradable NFTs. This small-cap cryptocurrency currently has a market cap of $1 million but is set to explode by 2022. It could unlock the potential of NFTs through a unique technology. This cryptocurrency also features a virtual world that allows users to play soccer and bet on games with friends.

Axie Infinity

While most people are familiar with Bitcoin, Axie Infinity is a blockchain game designed to bring the masses into the crypto space. Its unique token, Axie, is based on the Ethereum network and used to govern the platform. The game was developed in 2018 by trung nguyen, Aleksander Larsen, Tu Doan, and Andy Ho. It also offers in-game purchases, coin staking, and community governance.


Although IBAT is not yet publicly traded, the team is looking to raise crypto seed round funding. The initial IBAT presale has raised more than $350,000 and 1350 BNB. The IBAT team has held two successful AMA events and is looking to raise more funds with their upcoming ICO. IBAT is a promising altcoin to buy now, as it offers investors a low entry price. Moreover, investing in new metaverse projects tends to attract high levels of interest and thus the price of their ICO tokens is relatively low.

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LBLOCK metaverse cryptocurrency can outperform Bitcoin in 2022. Lucky Block launched a pre-sale in early 2022 that saw a tremendous amount of interest. With $5.7 million raised, developers decided to list the LBLOCK token on PancakeSwap before the pre-sale ended. This subsequently increased trading volume by $3.4 million. The developers plan to list the LBLOCK token on Binance sometime in Q1 2022. The pre-sale for Lucky Block took place on 25 March. The crypto coin had a bullish chart early 2022. Its price has dropped a lot since then, making it a great deal more attractive. This is one of the reasons that it is able to capitalize on the celebrity status


The metaverse game of Pixowl’s The Sandbox lets gamers create games, alter digital materials, and sell them for SAND tokens in The Landbox Marketplace. Released in 2011, The Sandbox quickly became an international phenomenon and is slated to rival Minecraft as the best 3D metaverse. But is it really possible for SAND to outperform Bitcoin? Let’s take a look at the details behind this new currency.


RNDR (RAND) is the top metaverse cryptocurrency. Its price has been surging recently. Despite the massive price rise, the currency still remains relatively unpopular. Nonetheless, it is a great investment opportunity for investors. Its price is generating over a thousand percent of its value every minute, making it the best choice for investors to take right now.