Picture of a place best for honeymoon at maldives

People have always watched movies from The Pirate Bay and fantasized about having one of the most romantic honeymoons ever.

However, only dreaming about a romantic honeymoon won’t get you anywhere.

You have to fix a destination, find some best places, and plan out some activities to get the whole tour done.

We think the Maldives will be a fantastic honeymoon destination for young couples, and we have planned some destinations for you right here.

Let’s take a look:

1: Baa Atoll

Nothing could be better than exploring the marine world that has been untouched by humans, and Baa Atoll is the best place in the Maldives to explore the underwater beauty.

You get to stare at the giant shark or a beautiful coral with your partner and ooze out your love for one another.

This is probably one of the best places in the whole world where you can snorkel alongside Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. So, grab your partner’s hand and step into this underwater world filled with adventures.

2: Duniye Spa

You can visit any spa in the Maldives, but if the objective is to get rejuvenated and spend a relaxing day with your spouse, why won’t you choose the best option?

Since you’ve come to the Maldives, you must have witnessed many unforgettable experiences, but the relaxing spa will top them all.

The Hakeems at Duniye Spa is traditional healing expert who can bless your bodies and your minds with some of the best healing techniques.

So, while you’re in there, don’t forget to check in with the Hakeems and come out all rejuvenated!

3: Trans Maldivian Airways Seaplane Base

Trans Maldivian Airways is your getaway to the stunning Maldives, and get a bird’s eye view of this island country.

If you still have a doubt if MALDIVES will be the best place for your honeymoon, this destination should clear your doubts.

It is an ideal location for sightseeing because you can get a panoramic view of fishing villages, manta rays, dolphin schools, and shallow lagoons from the top.

This is the largest seaplane fleet in the world, so you can put your faith in it and FLY AWAY!

4: Conrad Rangali Island

How can you come all the way to the Maldives and miss the underwater dining experience?

You can’t, right?

We know, and that’s why you must include this place in your honeymoon itinerary once because the whole place screams ROMANCE!!!

If your romantic juices are already flowing, you can even book a night’s stay here and wake up among jaw-dropping underwater creatures with an underwater breakfast.

The aquamarine waters will fill your thirst to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner, and while you’re in here, don’t forget to try their best collections of champagne.

5: Emboodhu Finolhu

We know that you’ve spent probably quite a lump sum amount of money to come to the Maldives but its’ your honeymoon after all.


What’s a honeymoon if you don’t witness the experience of a royal stay.

This is the best resort in the entire Maldives that is famous for honeymoon couples. Starting from the Indian royalty-inspired dining options to the Indian royalty-influenced spas—this whole resort oozes out romantic juices.

So, this place is also a must-have experience for honeymooning couples.

6: Kuda Huraa

After Royalty, we come to the Adventure. So, if you are a thrill-seeker and want to pump up your adrenaline, this resort should be included at the top of your itinerary.

Once you book your stay in this hotel, you’ll get access to some of the best surfing spots in all of Maldives.

With professional instructors teaching you to surf, you won’t have any trouble figuring out the waves and rethink your career choice as a professional surfer.

Not only surfing, but this resort also gives you the best options for windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, and water-skiing too.

Closing Thoughts

Are you still with us?

Of course, you are.

We have elaborated on some of the best honeymoon destinations in the Maldives where couples can get their adrenaline rush and have fun.

If you plan your trip in this island country, you’ll be surprised with a fun, adventure, romance, and energy-filled trip when you come back.

You may plan your travel itinerary any way you want, but if you take our tips, you’ll have the best experience on your honeymoon and will have no time to fight in between.

So, if you need more info on these places, reach us in the comment box below.