To mark the end of the US withdrawal, President Joe Biden delivered Tuesday’s speech from the White House on Afghanistan.

Biden again defended his decision to withdraw US troops, but largely ignored the criticisms of the way he handled the pullout.

“My fellow Americans, the war in Afghanistan has ended. Biden stated that he was the fourth president to have faced the question of when and how to end the war. “I refused to send another generation to fight a conflict that should have ended years ago.”

He said, “That was the choice. The real choice between leaving and escalating.” “I wasn’t going to prolong this forever war.”

The president stated that he believes the decision to withdraw was a wise decision and the best decision for America.

Biden stated that the decision was not about Afghanistan alone, but also about “ending an era in major military operations to rebuild other countries.”

The US war in Afghanistan was a failure that lasted 20 years and was the longest-running violent conflict in American history. Four administrations, two Republican and two Democratic, mismanaged the war and continuously misled the public about its current state.

Although Biden’s critics, mainly Republicans, have tried to pin the chaos surrounding the withdrawal on him entirely it is difficult to separate the recent mishap from the pandemonium which has characterised the war.

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“I refuse another decade of war in Afghanistan. We have been at war for too long. Biden stated Tuesday that if you are 20 years old today, then you have never seen an America at peace. “I don’t think we know what we have asked the 1% of Americans who served.”

Biden called the recent mission to evacuate more than 120,000 people an “extraordinary success.”