A supermodel has claimed that Instagram has blocked her from posting any Palestinian-based material on its platform. Pro-Israel supporters argue that the supermodel’s support for Palestine is anti-Semitic and questioned the existence of the Jewish state. Other pro-Israel users say that her support of Palestine is against all Jews. Others say that Hadid is merely being a hypocrite because she posted a video of Bernie Sanders during the 2020 presidential election, when he argued that calling for an end to violence was not anti-Semitic.

Bella Hadid  has deleted several Instagram posts containing Palestinian content

In response to these complaints, the model has deleted several Instagram posts containing Palestinian content. In one incident, she shared a photo of herself with the alleged assailant, Waseem Awawdeh, who sat on the hood of a pickup truck during a pro-Palestine protest. Hadid has also used her platform to highlight a recent hate crime involving a Palestinian teen named Hoda. The alleged attacker ripped the hijab off the teen, who was later arrested.

Gal Gadot’s post also removed comments

Gal Gadot’s post also removed comments. While Instagram does allow users to quote Gadot’s statement, the comments section has been disabled. Unlike her Imagine video from last year, Gal Gadot is a Palestinian national, and she served in the Israeli Defense Forces. All Israeli citizens over the age of 18 are required to serve in the IDF. Arab citizens are not required to serve in the IDF. She subsequently deleted the posts in question, and said she would no longer make such comments.

Bella Hadid claimed that her photos on Instagram have been deleted

The model has also claimed that her photos on Instagram have been deleted because they were “inflammatory.” Her comments are accompanied by videos of Palestinians. The video was shared by UK-based YouTuber Ali Dawah. In one of her recent videos, she called upon her fellow Muslim YouTubers to block the website of the Israeli government, so that the propaganda cannot be spread. In addition to Bella, another Muslim beauty blogger, Sada Social, has also claimed that Instagram had banned her from posting Palestinian-based content on their platform.

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After her post, the Bella’s fans expressed anger and frustration

As the Palestinians struggle against gender-based violence and discrimination, Brown History has taken a proactive stance. The page broadcast updates from Palestine to its 500,000-plus followers. However, her posts were banned from Instagram after it allegedly halted comments on them. After her post, the model’s fans expressed anger and frustration, demanding that the Instagram account be reinstated. The issue has led to a heated debate on social media.

The proliferation of social media is a double-edged sword. It allows Palestinian voices to emerge in this crisis and makes it harder for Israel to maintain a monopoly on messaging. The proliferation of social media also encourages misinformation. A 28-second video posted on Twitter by a prominent Israeli official is an example of this. However, the militants in the video were probably in Libya or Syria, and not in Israel.

As a result, many celebrities and influencers are now commenting on social issues. Black Lives Matter was one of the most recent examples, but now celebrities such as Gal Gadot are expressing their concerns about the ongoing violence in Palestine. In fact, one of the most popular Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, also posted a message on the platform that has received a lot of attention on social media.

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