Prior to killing his wife and friend A TikTok celebrity is accused of snooping on her daughter’s tablet.

Ali Abulaban, a well-known TikTok user accused of murdering his divorced wife as well as an individual he believed was her lover has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and special-circumstance charges on Monday.

A prosecutor has claimed that Abulaban placed the device to listen on the iPad of his daughter’s 5 year old during the court process during court proceedings in San Diego. As per the prosecution after listening to his wife’s conversations with a male friend who was in the room, he then went to her home and killed her and another man in the head on October 21.

Abulaban 29, who is popularly known by the name of JinnKid on TikTok and is an extremely popular celebrity. On the social network app there are more than 940,000 followers. His account is filled with comedy skits as well as imitations from Tony Montana, who was played by Al Pacino in the 1983 film Scarface.

On the 21st of October Abulaban was captured on security camera footage fleeing from the elevator to his wife , Ana Abulaban’s 35th floor home in the San Diego’s East Village district, according to the Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast.

As per Brast, Abulaban entered the flat and fired Rayburn Barron 29 time before killing Ana 28, 28 in the head.

Abulaban is said to have picked his daughter from school and left with his gun still in his hand.

Barron as well as Ana Abulaban, according to Brast the two were only acquaintances.

As per Brast, Ana Abulaban asked her husband to leave the home on October 18 , and they was admitted to the hotel. A few days later they are accused of snooping into the shared apartment after which he destroyed it, and then installing a listening app onto his daughter’s tablet.

Abulaban was detained following an incident with a traffic officer in the report of CBS station KFMB-TV. Abulaban’s daughter was inside the vehicle at the moment of the stop was put in guardianship and is being taken care of by family members of the other as per reports.

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Abulaban has allegedly phoned the mother of his son and confessed the alleged crimes according to Brast.

As per The San Diego Union-Tribune, Abulaban has an extensive history of domestic violence which is why his wife told police in December after the alleged assault on her.

If Abulaban is found guilty of a crime, the allegations and specific allegations against him will allow authorities to pursue the death penalty