BCA 'blu' Digital Bank Application Officially Unconfined Nowadays

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk aka BCA  officially hurled the blu application on the Google Play Store for Android operators today, Friday (2/7). This is an application after a digital bank business called PT Bank Digital BCA (BCA Digital).

“Starting today, blu has officially launched on the Play Store. So, for those of you who want to meet us, cuss, just download it! Don’t forget to write the ‘blu’ using a small ‘be, okay,” said BCA through the official Instagram account. blu @ blubybcadigital .

The largest private bank in Indonesia ensures that BCA Digital is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In addition, BCA Digital is also a member of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).

Furthermore, blu provides a free administration fee for users who will list. Similarly, with the transfer fee, it’s free.

“Free of admin fees and transfers or top-up Go pay with a quota of 20 times per month for the first two months from the month of account opening,” blu wrote in his request.

In the blu application, there are several features that users can get, for example, leaving. This feature allows users to achieve their financial preparation, such as expenditure on food, transportation, to education savings, for example.

BCA 'blu' Digital Bank Application Officially Unconfined Nowadays

“You can make 10 saves in one account, saving is not an annoyance,” said blu.

Also, there is the bluGether feature. This is a feature to save composed between blu users, aka joint ventures. For example, to save for holiday funds, gifts for someone, to wedding funds.

Other services that are also available at blu are opening deposits, withdrawing cash at all BCA ATMs without a card, and free of charge, to pay for various transactions, such as credit and others. Transaction payments can also only be done by scanning a QR code scheme.

“Registering is easy and fast, there are no problems at all. The UI is solid, good job BCA Digital team,” wrote Tom Zheng in his appraisal by giving a five-star rating on the blu application on the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, Rizki Aditya, another user gave input. “The application is ok and stable. Maybe in the future new features can be added, e-money, and more digital wallets,” he said.

However, there are also disappointed comments from users. One of them is from Riou Hato who gave one star in his appraisal of the blu application.

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“Waiting for a connection to CS is very long. CS can’t see my video during verification. Even though the camera is normal. It has allowed permissions too. Check out the traces, let me know when it’s been fixed,” he complained.

Not much different, Abdul Latif Hajiry also had an unfriendly experience. “I continually get the error ‘internet connection is disconnected when I want to KYC video calls. My internet has no problems even though,” he said.