Baz Luhrmann makes sense of why he didn’t project Harry Styles in ‘Elvis’

The chief said in another meeting that the pop star “is a truly gifted entertainer” yet wasn’t exactly ideal for the job that ultimately went to Austin Butler.

“Harry is a truly gifted entertainer,” Luhrmann told Sydney’s Nova FM. “I would chip away at something with him… however the main problem with Harry is, he’s Harry Styles. He’s now a symbol.”

Luhrmann proceeded: “Harry and I came to a spot, really I mean, he was only frantic to get into the suit and investigate. He’s a particularly extraordinary soul and I have only incredible comments about Harry Styles.”
The movie producer additionally explained that he didn’t try out Styles nor Butler. “I do these truly rich studios,” he said, adding that Butler was essentially “destined to play” the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll .
“The thing about Aust was that he will let you know himself, I didn’t pick him, maybe he was drawn like the job attracted them since he was nearly destined to play it,” Luhrmann said.

“You know, we can discuss it now, he like loses his mother at the very age that Elvis did. He sends a video to me with this thing and… he simply happened like two years relentless living and breathing as Elvis. He’s currently going through a kind of it resembles deprogramming thing since he’s been quite a while since he’s known what his identity was.”

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