Baby Boomers travelling more than all other age groups

According to new statistics, the average baby boomer spends one month traveling abroad every year. About 41% of boomers prefer visiting Europe, where they can see more of their family. But while flying may take less time, it also lengthens the trip. For this reason, boomers prefer to stay in hotels or motels during their trip. It should also be noted that boomers tend to have more physical limitations than younger travellers.

The boomer generation is a huge segment of the leisure travel industry. They’ve either retired or reached a senior position, which allows them more time for vacations. According to AARP’s 2020 Travel Trends Survey, most boomers plan to take three or four trips domestically, and at least one trip abroad. The majority of boomers expect to spend more money on their trips, as they’re willing to pay higher prices for more exotic destinations and stay longer at higher-quality hotels.

While the millennials have more disposable income, baby boomers focus more on social connections and experiences that have meaning. They prefer to stay in luxury and convenience, and they don’t like to camp, glamp, or camp in the woods. They prefer more activities that allow them to get to know the local area, like art shows, wine tastings, or historical sites. However, if you don’t want to venture into nature, baby boomers can enjoy local attractions as well.

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