Automobile: The Rimac Nevera is a 1,914 hp Electrical rocket

Following a delay of nearly 18 weeks – the very first date was March 2020 in the Geneva Motor Display postponed on account of this coronavirus – Rimac introduced the production version of the model C_Two.

Called the Nevera, its own definitive specs are nothing short of remarkable: four electrical motors – one on every wheel – along with also a combined output signal of 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm. Which guarantees 0-100 km / h in only 1.85 seconds and a top rate of 412 km / h.

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The motorist has at his disposal a total of seven motorists, the classified selection, Comfort, Sport, Track, and Drift, and two extra ones he creates.

The electricity for the electric motors is offered through an H-shaped battery-powered situated on the ground, has a power capacity of 120 kWh, and guarantees that the independence of 550 kilometers. It’s linked with two impressive numbers: its own participation of 37 percent into the rigidity of its human body and the way it can control electricity up to 500 kW. Thus the fee from 0 to 80 percent is completed in only 19 minutes.

The foundation of this Rimac Nevera is a monocoque carbon fiber framework, that’s the greatest part created from this substance from the whole automotive sector. Aside from being extremely light – it simply weighs it is also very stiff. In reality, Rimac claims that the purchase price of 70,000 Nm per level is also high for the automotive sector.

A characteristic feature of the electrical hypercar is its own doors which open up and show a lavish interior where the carbon fiber is blended with leather. There are 3 distinct versions, GT, Signature, and Classic, and past that, the prospective owner can make his own decisions. Naturally, the tool panel is electronic, while all configurations are produced from the infotainment system display in the middle of the dashboard.

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