Assassin’s Creed: Modern Day Teaser Trailer (Part 2) official image

Assassin’s Creed: Modern Day Teaser Trailer Part 2 follows the events that occurred exactly a week after what happened in the Assassin’s Creed: Modern Day Teaser Trailer Part 1. Mujuan is in the hospital. Deon, starring Alvin Cardenas, and his assassins attempt to gain the upperhand on the Templars. Agent Amelia and Amy struggle with a terrible loss that negatively effected them. Burt , also starring Kris Tash, also known as “Jawhoney$”, is orchestrating a master plan to conquer the assassins.

The cast and crew of this movie, started production on October 23rd, 2021 in Culver City, California and wrapped this film at Eaton Canyon Falls in Pasadena, California on October 24th, 2021. The fight choreography and stunts performed by the actors in this movie are brilliant and the genius mind of D’Anthony Boyd released another unforgettable movie! Trani Films magic and talent with the camera and editing is still untouchable and visually appealing.

I love their work so much ! The fighting scene with Kristerpher Simon, Tempular 3, going up against Toby Martin , the Assassin, was very impressive and exciting. Niko Gunn , Templar 2, going toe to toe against Alvin Cardenas, Deon, was beyond perfect ! Especially when Niko does this creepy laugh , it gave me chills and goosebumps. Isabella Joy, Tempular 1, was in a vicious battle with Alvin Cardenas as Deon, and that was another highlight of the movie. Excellent performances on that fight scene as well.

Kris Tash as Burt along with Orianna Simon as Cindy , shared exchanges in the office scene and they gave the fans great performances. The question here is that what is Burt’s evil master plan against the assassins? We will find out the answer very soon. The rest of the cast members are Toby Martin (Assassin) , Isabella Joy (Templar 1), Niko Gunn (Templar 2), Kristerpher Simon (Templar 3), and Orianna Simon (Cindy). They all performed amazing and displayed strong contributions for their respective roles. Everyone on set followed through with everything and succeeded finishing the movie.

This five minute short film directed by D’Anthony Boyd is worth the watch and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here ! He is the next big attraction in the industry. Assassin’s Creed Modern Day Teaser Trailer Part 2 is a thriller and I never get bored replaying it . This is incredible work done by the cast and crew. One of the best short films I have ever seen so far. I cannot wait to see what will be next for these future stars !

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