Ashley Graham and husband Justin Ervin are expecting twins after they welcomed the first child of theirs Isaac Menelik Giovanni in January 2020.

Ashley Graham is enjoying her new body.

The model, who is 33, went completely naked ( again) when she revealed her newborn bump in a mirror photo uploaded on Thursday on her Instagram Story. She was sporting just one piece of jewelry and a long ponytail.

The couple and their her husband Justin Ervin announced in July that they were expecting a baby and later learned that they’ll be having twins — a year and a half following the time when they had their first baby their son Isaac Menelik Giovanni, 21 months old.

“The past year has been full of tiny surprises, big griefs, familiar beginnings and new stories,” Graham stated in the first announcement. “I’m just beginning to process and celebrate what this next chapter means for us.”

Graham has since revealed moments when she and Ervin 33, found out they’re expecting twins by sharing an image at the time of the ultrasound. “Are you serious? We’re gonna have three boys?” she laughed, asErvin added in disbelief, “You are kidding me!

Her first pregnancy taught her how her control ” just gets thrown out the window” during pregnancy.

“And I learned that the hard way when I tried to control everything when I was pregnant with Isaac and I told myself that I was going to bounce right back, because I was breastfeeding and everybody told me, ‘Oh, if you breastfeed you’re going to lose all the weight,’ ” she stated. “And I heard a couple of real women tell me “You’ll never experience exactly the same. That’s why they simply scolded me and , surprisingly, I’ve not experienced the same feeling.

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“And then boom. I was like, ‘Well, I just got pregnant again so maybe I’ll never feel the same and I don’t even know what I felt like before I was pregnant with Isaac anyways,’ ” Graham added.