Trials of a brand new £3.47bn fleet of military tanks have been paused over speed and security concerns, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
The armoured fighting vehicles also have layout issues which allegedly include them being not able to travel safely faster than 20mph – and they should have the ability to go up to 40mph.

Other difficulties with the newest Ajax armoured range comprise an inability to fire cannons on the transfer, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Citing a government report, the paper said the rate restrictions were brought on by excessive vibrations from the tanks, including that crews were confined to 90 minutes inside them at a time.

The report, due to be published next month, also says the tanks can’t undo over obstacles more than 20cm high.

It also claims that employees should use noise-cancelling cans when working the tanks and need to undergo ear evaluations later.

The MoD introduced the brand new selection of tanks in 2010, with 589 vehicles across a range of models arranged in 2014.

However, the programme has had a ton of problems and is four years behind schedule, the Telegraph reported.

The paper added that just 14 of the turretless Ares model tanks, made by US company General Dynamics, was delivered.

In a statement, the MoD stated its instruction on”Ajax variants” had now restarted”with proper security measures in place”.

An MoD spokesman said in a statement:”We are devoted to this Ajax programme that will form a key element in the Army’s modernised warfighting division, with current plans for Initial Operating Capability scheduled for summer 2021,” an MOD Spokesperson said in a statement.

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“The MOD may confirm that some training on the Ajax family of vehicles has been paused as a preventative measure.

“This really is a standard step for the demonstration phase of projects; an evaluation, integrating trials, is being carried out jointly with the manufacturer. It’s inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.

“The health and security of our employees is of extreme importance and we’re committed to providing a safe working environment”