“Armageddon Time,” which debuted Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival, whisks the crowd to the cusp of the Ronald Reagan administration, investigating issues of race and honor in American culture with a ritzy cast that incorporates Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong and Jessica Chastain.

The movie coordinated by James Gray is told through the perspective on youthful Paul Graff, played by Michael Banks Repeta. It recounts the account of his fellowship with Johnny, played by Jaylin Webb. Together, the two young men have high desires – however face unyielding social designs. “It’s extremely personal for me, it’s my story as it were,” a weepy Gray said, to an overwhelming applause.

The 64-year-old chief, who has had four different movies in rivalry at the celebration in previous years, said it was whenever he first had addressed a crowd of people there.

Dark’s most recent film, which is being circulated by Comcast Corp’s Universal Pictures, is one of 21 movies competing for the celebration’s top award, the Palme d’Or. It takes its title from a statement from Reagan, who is heard on TV advance notice that this may be the age that encounters Armageddon.

“We completed the film Saturday in a total frenzy and flew this thing here, so you are the absolute first individuals on Earth to see it,” Gray said, inciting an ejection of cheers and applauding in the stuffed theater.

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