Despite US sanctions, Apple is continuing to grow its iPhone in Europe. According to Counterpoint, the iPhone continued to grow in the second quarter of 2022. Apple increased shipments in the region year-over-year, thanks to the 5G-enabled iPhone SE. However, despite this, Samsung took first place with shipments of 62.2 million units. Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers are slumping due to US sanctions.

iPhone shipments fell to 44.6 million devices from 54.1 million in the first quarter of 2018

Despite a sharp fall in demand, Apple is still leading the smartphone market with 39 percent of the market. While its share is declining, the market has become more concentrated with the introduction of newer devices and a longer replacement cycle. In the U.S., iPhone sales fell 15.8% in the first quarter of 2018 despite a price cut in several markets.

Xiaomi has moved past Apple in Europe

In a recent Canalys report, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has passed Apple in sales in Europe. The company has now surpassed Apple as the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, with 23% market share in the region. While Apple still leads the way in Western Europe, Xiaomi has risen significantly over the past year. Canalys tracked the company’s growth in Europe and found that it increased its sales in the country by 85% year-over-year.

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Huawei is in a free-fall owing to US sanctions

The US sanctions are the biggest obstacle facing Huawei’s expansion in the US. In order to overcome these barriers, Huawei has resorted to taking over other companies. It tried to acquire non-Chinese firms but they were blocked by regulatory bodies citing their ties to China and potential security threats. In response to these sanctions, Huawei has shifted focus to new industries such as the automotive industry.

Samsung takes first place with shipments of 62.2 million units

In Q2 of this year, Samsung took first place in smartphone shipments, surpassing Apple’s 48.9 million units. This growth was due to strong sales of Samsung’s Galaxy A13 and Galaxy S22 series. Apple also cited brand loyalty and high interest in the iPhone 13 series as key factors for its growth. However, the iPhone maker’s market share continues to decline. Nevertheless, Samsung’s market share is still much higher than Apple’s.

Samsung will broaden its product portfolio to accelerate growth in 2022

In 2022, Samsung will continue to expand its mobile business, which it expects to reach mainstream status with the launch of 5G devices. The company also expects to see growth in the display business, where it expects to offer foldable panels and QD-OLED TVs. This technology is becoming increasingly popular, and Samsung should take advantage of it. However, the company will also need to focus on other emerging areas to continue to grow.