Are you obsessed with the way she dresses? If so, you’re not alone. The first season of the show was filled with drama, and fans were left hanging. Now, in the second season, there’s more! From the beginning, fans were drawn to the style of Rue.

The show’s makeup artists created some memorable looks, and many fans can’t get enough of the color combination. The pink and purple eye moment was a fan favorite. Jules’s monochromatic style is also a fan favorite. But a look that combines both looks is never boring. It’s one of the many things that make the show’s characters so appealing.

In Euphoria, Rue’s style is often a subject of fan speculation. However, it’s possible that the designer was inspired by a real-life woman, not an Emmy-nominated actress. She was a devoted fan of the same fashion style, and she was clearly obsessed with it. Her signature psychedelic prints and rainbow colors are also popular among fans.

During the second season of the comedy show, Rue Bennett meets her new boyfriend Elliot. The two have a love triangle that is framed in quiet corners, and Rue sneaks off with Elliot for alluring activities. He offers her freedom, and she learns to embrace her inner self. Besides, it’s fun to see Zendaya’s character grow, especially her ability to change her thoughts and embrace her own style.

The style of Rue’s father and mother can be attributed to her father’s death. The burgundy jacket that Rue’s father wore dictates her entire wardrobe. Although her style is usually modest and unremarkable, the show has a few elements that set it apart from other shows. She wears a burgundy coat and a yellow dress. She’s a lifelong thrift-shop aficionado and has a Pinterest board dedicated to her outfit.

Despite being a teen in a show that’s not really aimed at adults, Rue’s style in Euphoria is an iconic character. She has a style that’s both quirky and feminine. She loves to experiment with her clothing and is constantly tweaking it. She also plays around with layering. So, she’s always in a hurry.

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“Euphoria” is a teen drama where two women deal with the complexities of their relationship. She is a woman who doesn’t follow her mother’s rules. She does everything in her own way, and is often the one who makes the decisions. In Season one, Rue is very independent and she falls in love with her best friend shortly after they meet.