Anne-Marie was greeted with love by her fans after she fell in front of the stage during a live performance during BRIT Awards. BRIT Awards.

It was the English artist, who was wearing in a red short dress, was soaring down the stairs shortly when she began singing. The singer remained cool as she made her way and re-emerged. Whatever, she sang the song.

Responding to her fall Anne-Marie posted on Twitter later in the evening.

“Didn’t need my left ankle anyway,” she tweeted.

Reacting to her comment the fans wrote “Poor Anne-Marie. I feel so bad for her :/ the way she recovered from that fall tho?? respect #BRITs.”

Another tweet: “Anne Marie getting straight back from her fall, what a trooper !!!”

“Anne-Marie joins Jason Derulo, Madonna and jlaw. It ain’t a bad group to fall into. #BRITs,” added an additional.

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