After her 83-year old owner fell into a ravine, a cat in the United Kingdom saved her by calling out to passers-by with his meowing.

Police in Bodmin, located in Cornwall, England, shared on Facebook last week that officers were searching for the missing woman on Saturday. She was found by a “member the public”, who saw her cat “meowing” in a corner of a large maize crop near her home address.

Police shared the following Facebook post: “The elderly woman had fallen approximately 70 feet down a steep embankment with extremely difficult access and uneven terrain.”

Emergency personnel pulled Piran up in a field after the black cat, who was named Piran, called attention to her lost owner before transporting her via air ambulance to a hospital.

Police in Bodmin shared the following: “Piran, the cat saved us!”

Later, authorities shared with us that the woman was “good spirits” after she received medical attention following her fall.

Tamar Longmuir was one of the woman’s neighbors and said that she searched the fields for her in the area with others, but “there was no sign of her.”

The neighbors noticed that Piran was still meowing at the gate nearby.

Longmuir stated that the cat was very attached to her and was moving back and forth in the gate meowing. Longmuir decided to search the maize fields and went with him.

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She reached out to the woman, but she didn’t receive any response at all.

“Just as I was about to turn off the path to start walking through the crop, I heard a faint call to me.  I quickly realized that my neighbor was in the ravine at 70 feet.”