Among 14 Individuals hurt in Austin, Texas, mass shooting Expires

One of 14 individuals hurt in a mass shooting in downtown Austin, Texas, has died, authorities state.

Douglas John Kantor, 25, died from his injures around noon local time Sunday, Austin Police stated in a release.
Police have arrested one man in connection with the shooting early Saturday afternoon, Mayor Steve Adler’s office stated before. Officials released no information concerning the arrest.

On Saturday, Austin Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon told a media briefing that among those wounded were in critical illness.
Chacon said police had recognized two male suspects and added that it seemed this was an isolated episode involving the 2 parties.
Nearly all those hurt were”innocent bystanders,” the chief added.

Austin authorities obtained their initial 911 call shortly before 1:30 a.m., followed by many more calls of shots fired,” Chacon said. As shots rang out, officers around the block had the ability to instantly react, he explained.
“They’re there in minutes,” the chief said. “And immediately identified many shooting victims which were in distress. They started immediate life-saving steps”
He credits their quick activity, in part, for the absence of deaths in the shooting.

An uptick in gun violence

Chacon said researchers are reviewing video footage from several resources, including the town’s method of video surveillance cameras, to ascertain exactly what occurred.
“Officers have their body-worn cameras, we’ve got the public security, HALO camera program that we’ve had for quite a few decades, which did catch parts of the episode,” Chacon said. “And obviously the regional companies themselves have safety footage which we’re reviewing for proof.”
Adler, the mayor, commented about the shooting in a succession of tweets.
“The uptick in gun violence locally is a part of a troubling increase in gun violence throughout the nation as we depart the pandemic,” he explained.
“APD and the City Council have initiated numerous violence prevention efforts in reaction however this crisis takes a wider, coordinated response from all levels of government.
“One thing is apparent – better access to guns doesn’t equal greater public security.”
Dewitt Peart, president, and CEO of the Downtown Austin Alliance said in a statement, “We’re saddened that Austin has combined the much too lengthy list of communities which have undergone mass shootings.
“This senseless violence should end. We’ll continue our work towards ensuring downtown is very secure, clean, and welcoming for everybody, but now, we’re considering those influenced by this shooting. We will need to come together care for one another and be strong together for Austin.”