American Jade Carey wins gold at Tokyo Olympics floor exercise
Jade Carey, a U.S. gymnast, had all the tools necessary to win a medal at the Olympics.

Carey and Brian Carey were unsure of her mental state Monday 24 hours after she fell in the vault final Sunday. Carey was also responsible for consoling his 21-year-old daughter.

Brian stated that Jade’s eighth vault place was not what she had planned. I told her that although yesterday may have been the most difficult day of her life, today could be the best. Let’s get on with it. Yesterday is gone. She was determined to succeed and had a wonderful day.

Carey achieved what she called her best floor workout ever. She posted an early score of 14.366, which was good enough to win a gold medal at Ariake Gymnastics Centre. Aly Raisman (2012), Simone Biles (2016) are the U.S. Olympic floor champions. This is the longest gold streak for Romania since 1980-92.

Biles dropped out of the floor final for mental health concerns as she did in the team, all-around (replaced by Carey), vaulting, and uneven bars finals. She plans to compete again on the balance beam Tuesday.

MyKayla skinner won a silver medal in Sunday’s vault final because Biles was unable to attend. Carey may have won a medal in the floor final with Biles, but she was the only American hope on a night that no American men qualified for vaulting and still rings finals.

American Jade Carey wins gold at Tokyo Olympics floor exercise

The six U.S. women’s gymnasts will all leave Tokyo with at minimum one medal, including Carey and Skinner who were not part of the silver-winning team.

Carey’s emotional swing between Sunday and Monday is as intense as any athlete can experience. Carey’s journey from 2018 to 20 to qualify for the Olympics via Apparatus World Cup Series was a successful one, as she quickly put her vault error behind her.

Brian Carey stated, “I’m glad that we did the series.” “It was a good experience for her, and really helped me to be ready to take on whatever life throws at me.

Jade stated, “Yesterday was very difficult for me.” “It was either my hurdle that I tripped on or the one before. It’s all blurred now. It was something I had never done before, so I was definitely shocked at the beginning. It was a fluke.

“I am glad that I am safe and well. Although the second vault was difficult, I refused to quit. It was great to hear the cheers from everyone around me. Tonight, I had to forget about it and focus on the floor.

Brian stated that Jade was forced to throw a Yurchenko vault because she had tripped on Sunday. The first step towards recovery was actually the Amanar vault. It had three solid passes and a high difficulty score of 6.3, even though it didn’t include attempting a triple-double layout. This is the only time a woman has ever landed at an international major meet.

Carey stated, “I have kind of been planning that I was just going do that routine because it’s so familiar with it and it is clean and I know I can do it,”

Carey waited for a while before she began her routine. Judges pondered on how to score Viktoriia Listunova (16 years old), who went first and fell out of bounds. Brian asked Carey if she would like to get down from the podium so that she could wait. Carey responded with an “I’m good thumbs up”, a sign that she is ready for redemption.

Her score was better than any since qualifying July 25, when Vanessa Ferrari led at 14.166, followed by Carey (14.133), and Biles (14.133).

Carey was closest to Ferrari, a 30-year-old Italian who won the silver medal at 14.200. The third place was shared by Angelina Melnikova from the Russian Olympic Committee and Mai Murakami of Japan.

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Carey knew that she would be the first Arizona gymnastics medalist to win a gold medal since Kerri Strug (team silver) in 1996 after Brazil’s Rebecca Andrade had already won all-around and vault medals.

Danielle Greenberg is Carey’s mother and a coach in gymnastics. She said that vaulting was “a difficult thing to watch” and that the last 24 hours were hard. Jade took very little time to regain control, but she managed. It is a wonderful feeling, knowing how hard she worked to achieve this goal. Her sportsmanship is admirable, and she displays such grace.

Brian stated that Jade convinced him after morning training that she would perform well at her final and third medal opportunities. He said, “I know her quite well.” “Just looking at her eyes, I could tell it was coming back. She was going to go outside and do it.”