Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft has experienced harsh criticism for supposedly attempting to surpass the story and ‘gaslighting’ the general population over her client’s misfortune.

This guarantee has been made by conspicuous non-verbal communication master Spidey on YouTube.
He was cited saying, “I would verge portray this as gaslighting on the grounds that she’s attempting to sell this story that Johnny Depp is the person who made general society and the jury not trust Amber.”

“Not the way that Amber was denying things we can all see with our eyes.”

He referred to Heard’s emphasis on utilizing words like “vow” and “give” equivalently, at whatever point got some information about her magnanimous gifts.

Matter like these wound up leaving the whole lawful group with ‘more work than needed’.

In any case, Ms Bredehoft disregarded these cases by refering to “nobody is great” which is a gaslighter’s proverb, according to the master.

Prior to closing his discoveries he even marked it, “extremely, gaslight-y.”

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