Amber Heard keeps up with that Johnny Depp mishandled her.

A greater amount of her post-slander preliminary meeting with NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie airs Friday night in a Dateline unique called Amber Heard: After the Verdict — and a 20-minute see is currently gushing on Peacock.

In this part (after parts one and two on Today this week), Heard keeps up with she was a survivor of maltreatment by her previous spouse, in spite of a Fairfax, Va., jury not trusting her claims of actual maltreatment and rape. She likewise went over to the media source what she said was key proof avoided with regard to the preliminary: a folio of specialist’s notes recording the supposed maltreatment starting in 2012 until they split in 2016.

“There’s a folio worth of long stretches of notes tracing all the way back to 2011 all along of my relationship that were taken by my PCP, who I was detailing the maltreatment to,” said Heard, who shared the notes openly interestingly
The archives from Heard’s advisor were managed as gossip by the appointed authority and were unacceptable during the six-week preliminary, which finished up June 1. Guthrie and NBC News examined the archives, taking note of that as far back as 2012, Heard was discussing actual maltreatment.

In January 2012, the specialist composed that Heard said Depp “hit her” and “tossed her on the floor.” after eight months, it was noted he “tore her robe” and “tossed her on the bed.” In 2013, the advisor noted said Heard said Depp “tossed her against a wall and took steps to kill her.”

“Her notes addressed years — years — of continuous clarifications of what was happening,” Heard said.
Depp has passionately denied all charges of maltreatment against Heard. His representative answered Heard openly surfacing the specialist notes, telling NBC News, “It’s sad that while Johnny is hoping to push ahead with his life, the litigant and her group are back to rehashing, rethinking and once again contesting matters that have previously been concluded by the Court and a decision that was consistently and unequivocally chose by the jury in support of Johnny.

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