Amanda Holden says she and her husband tried to join the Mile High Club, but failed.

Amanda Holden confessed that she and her husband tried to join Mile High Club, but they “never made it.”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Chris Hughes, 50, was married to record producer Chris Hughes in 2008. She revealed that they had tried to conceive on an airplane but she felt too scrutinized as a celebrity.

Alan Carr asked Holden if she was a Mile High Club member. She replied, “Well, we’ve tried, but we never quite made the cut.” It’s all too much. Everybody is watching. It’s impossible to do that.

Actress, TV, and radio host, also revealed that she posts selfies of herself in bikinis on social media, but she prefers to sunbathe naked when on vacation.

Holden stated, “I don’t wear a bikini when I go on vacation.” However, I would not mix with other nudists. There is a difference.

“I’ve served Sunday lunch naked. No, I wouldn’t let my money out in the open. Yes, in a private villa.

Amanda Holden says she and her husband tried to join the Mile High Club, but failed.

Heart FM radio host and mother of daughters Lexi and Hollie, the Heart FM radio presenter admitted that she was angry at having to pay PS2,500 to conduct private tests to travel to Portugal earlier this month.

She blasted: “Getting there cost more than PS2,500 in tests. I don’t want it to be ranting about it but I believe that is taking advantage of the British public. I am in a position to throw that money away. It’s a lot of money, and someone is taking my money.

“If I had the choice, I could have gotten in a Faro airport queue and bought one for 25 Euros. But, I would probably have caught COVID because the line was around the block.”

She said, “Never again will I pay that kind of money.” That should be investigated.

After Freedom Day was moved from 21 June to 19 Jul, Holden became more vocal about COVID restrictions.

She shared a meme from The Handmaid’s Tale that said, “Welcome To Gilead Under Boris’ Eye.”

Recently the star shared a poster about an anti-lockdown march. She suggested that it would not get much media coverage, even though she wore revealing swimwear.

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