Alt-rock brother trio Beyond The Sun drop love song “Rest of My Days”

Toronto alt-rock act Beyond The Sun drops a personal love anthem “Rest of My Days,” a relatable offering delving into their own relationship stories while urging listeners to harken back to memories of their love. This latest single provides a glimpse of future music to come as they throw themselves into working on the early stages of a brand new EP.

The story of “Rest of My Days” is the sweetest heartfelt love song subtly hidden inside an alt-indie song. Once you realize this, all you can think about is how well the sound is paired with the message. The lyrics are something of a “melt your heart in your own hands”with a beautiful vocal declaration delivered as powerful as the lyrics. These lyrics are framed by the lush guitar-led soundscape and hazy, emotive vocals for an intimate feel.

“Our story’s written and it’s one of the greats” 

This lyric really embodies the emphasis and dissemination of love combined with the song’s musical expressionIt felt so good listening to this song. It’s a clean and full sound with an impeccably clean mix and beautiful instrumental performance. The opening synths turn into a classical sound with powerful highs and a strong build that gets stuck in your head.

Phil, Dalton, and Colin Radu, brothers of this trio, careers started as living room concerts for their parents at the ages of 6, 8 and 11 would lead to over a decade later, hearing themselves on Sirius XM radio and performing for a 7,000-person sold-out crowd at Puerto Rico’s Wild Summer Festival.

Today they are writing hit songs.

“Rest of My Days is not your typical love song,” explains the trio. “Lyrically inspired by our guitarists’ relationship, it tells their story and his promise to be with her for the rest of his days. The song is one of the more personal ones we have released and hopefully telling such an intimate tale, listeners will be able to put their own relationships into the song.”

Co-written with Nick Wheeler (of The All-American Rejects) and produced by drummer Dalton alongside contributions from Rob Laska (of Valley), Nick Wheeler, Graham Whitford (of Tyler Bryant &The Shakedown) is who brought this story to life.

Rest of my days

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