All the singers who made it to the live shows lineup for Fall 2021 of ‘The Voice Season 21

The Voice returns for another season and brings with it another year of live performances. After much coach banter, and difficult decisions, the final 20 contestants in Season 21 will take to the stage on November 2.

But, there is a catch. They will be able to win the fan vote, which gives them the chance to join the top 13. One of the previously eliminated contestants will also return as the Voice Comeback.

Blake Shelton and John Legend, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Blake Shelton have made their decisions, but it’s now up to the public. This is the list of performers who will be appearing on the NBC live show for the Fall 2021 season. Fans can also vote for their favorite performer.

Season 21 of “The Voice”: Who made it to the live shows?

American singer-songwriter Team Kelly Clarkson is Kelly Clarkson. Girl Named Tom is an Ohio-based trio whose ages range from 20 to 26. Gymani is a Georgia native. She is 23 years old. Hailey Mia, 13 years old, is from Clifton in New Jersey. (Photographed by Ariana Grande). Katie Rae is 35 years old and a native of Sacramento, California. Jeremy Rosado, a Tampa-based man aged 29, is the star of this episode. Team John Legend is an American singer-songwriter. Samuel Harness is a Fort Wayne resident who was 26 years old. Jershika Maple (Kelly Clarkson), a Killeen, Texas, woman, is 24 years old. Shadale is a Douglasville, Georgia resident. She is 29 years of age. Joshua Vacanti is a 28 year-old Lockport resident.

David Vogel, 23, from Valhalla in New York, took this photo from Ariana Grande. American singer/songwriter Ariana Grande is part of Team Ariana Grande. Newtown residents Jim (57), and Sasha Allen (19), from Connecticut, were saved by their coach. Bella DeNapoli (22) of West Islip in New York was also saved. Holly Forbes, 30, from Catlettsburg in Kentucky (taken by Kelly Clarkson). Ryleigh Plank is a 20-year old Florida native. Raquel Trinidad, 23-years-old, hails from Tampa, Florida. Blake Shelton is a country singer.

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Peedy Chavis is a 19 year-old Lawrenceville resident. Libianca, a 20-year old woman from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is Libianca. Wendy Moten is 56 years old. She is a Memphis resident. Lana Scott (28), from Chesapeake in Virginia was saved by her coach. Paris Winningham (John Legend), is a 32 year-old female from Jacksonville, Florida. What is the Voice’s Resurrection? One contestant will have another chance at the top 13 with a new twist to The Voice Fall 2021.

Each coach may nominate one of their opponents, but only one winner can be chosen. This is determined by the number of tweets and retweets received on a The Voice post. For a chance at the next round, the winner will compete in the Live Playoffs Wildcard.