All major companies require vaccines for their workers

When it comes to COVID, companies are not backing down.
Many companies have had to rethink their fall plans for returning to work after the spread of the highly contagious Delta virus.

Companies are not content with offering cash bonuses, water bottles, or T-shirts as incentives. They now require that all employees get a COVID shot. A host of companies including banks, tech companies, and airlines have made it clear to employees that they will not be allowed to travel to the office without a vaccination. In some cases, such as Ascension Health’s, they may even allow them to work remotely. Some companies have more forgiving terms than others, by offering employees the option to keep working from home, rather than the risk of termination. Requiring vaccines is a move that most workers support (52% according to a recent Gallup poll), but a sizable chunk of the workforce (29%) is strongly opposed–likely some of the same people who are strongly opposed to the COVID vaccines in general.All major companies require vaccines for their workers

Here is a list of major U.S. corporations that have taken steps to ensure that their employees are vaccinated and the policies they have in place.

AmtrakAll employees of the company must you can either get vaccinated or can start receiving weekly COVID testing, effective Nov. 1. Travel + Leisure. All new employees will need to present proof of vaccination starting Oct. 4. Exemptions will be granted for religious or medical reasons.

Ascension Health: All associates of the company must get the COVID vaccine by Nov. 13. said at the end of July. This mandate covers all staff, partner and subsidiary employees, independent doctors, volunteers, and volunteers who visit their facilities. Individuals may request an exemption based on religious beliefs or medical conditions.

AT&T:AT&T I requirement it requires all employees of management to be vaccinated before they can enter any of its locations. However, it may make exceptions for employees who are unable to receive the vaccine for medical or other reasons. Reuters.

Bank of AmericaThe bank will reopen in September for its planned reopening. Only allow employees who have been vaccinated are allowed to enter its offices again, perBloomberg.

BlackRockOnly employees who can show proof of having been vaccinated will be allowed to work.permittedBlackRock offices. According to the company, all employees were required to report their status for vaccinations in June.Bloomberg. BlackRock plans to reopen fully in September. However, it will still permit remote work.

Capital OneCapital OnesaidIt had announced earlier this month that all employees would need to be fully vaccinated before they could return to work. However, it delayed the reopening of the office until November. Employees who are not vaccinated will be allowed to continue working at home for the first quarter of 2022. To enter any office, contractors, vendors, and visitors must be vaccinated.

Cardinal Health: Cardinal HealthWillRequireAccording to a memo that was seen by local news stations, the vaccine must be available to all employees (salaried and office-based), sales staff, and those who have to travel for business purposes by Oct. 4.

Centene Corporation: The company said it was announced earlier this month that all employees must provide proof of vaccination. All employees who interact with family members will also need to be vaccinated. Anyone who doesn’t have proof of vaccination will need to be tested for COVID regularly and will be required by the company to wear masks in its offices. All new employees, as well as essential business contractors and subcontractors, will need to present proof of vaccination to gain entry to the company’s offices. The company also delayed its first phase of reopening by a month, from Oct. 18.

Cisco Systems:An executive at Cisco told The Associated Press that Cisco requires all employees entering its offices to have their vaccines.Wall Street Journal. As its offices expand this fall, the company will likely continue this policy.

Citigroup bank said according to a memo, employees who return to New York or Chicago offices this month will need to have their vaccines up to date.Bloomberg.Bank branch staff are not required to have vaccinated. However, masks are recommended.


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Delta Airlines: In May, the company stated that it would require all new hires must be vaccinated, except if they are eligible for accommodation.