Michael Fassbender, the Oscar-winning actress, quietly welcomed their first child earlier in the year.

Alicia Vikander is opening up about becoming a mom. The fiercely private star, 32, quietly welcomed her first child with husband Michael Fassbender, 44, earlier this year and says she’s embracing her happy new life changes daily.

According to the Swedish star, “I now have a whole different understanding of life in general,” she tells Daily Reuters in its latest issue. It’s beautiful and will definitely help me in my future work.

Blue Bayou is her emotional film in progress. She plays a expectant mother alongside Justin Chon (Gook and Twilight).

When Vikander was asked to summarize how life has changed since having a child, she said that she is keeping the details to herself but trying to enjoy each moment.

She says, “No, I don’t think I’ll wait with this one.” “I enjoy finding it out right now more than anything.”

Fassbender & Vikander celebrated their 3rd anniversary in October. They were married in Ibiza, October 2017. They met on the set in 2014 of their film The Light Between Oceans. In which they were playing on-screen husbands and wives,

Sources told PEOPLE that they exchanged vows at La Granja farmstead resort, surrounded by family and friends. Following Vikander and Fassbender’s under-the-radar wedding, the pair honeymooned in Italy.

Vogue reported that Vikander said in March 2018 to Vogue that her marriage to the X-Men actor is full of happiness. The mostly private Oscar-winning actress told the magazine: “I feel happier and more content than ever before.”

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She recalled how she and her husband made Light Between Oceans together. He would say, “I’m stuck; how should I proceed?” “He would be like, ‘I’m stuck; what should I do?'” and I would respond, ‘You are asking me?’ It was so sweet.”

Vikander said that life is more than just work. However, if it’s your greatest passion, it’s something you love talking about.”

Vikander’s Blue Bayou will be in theaters September 17.