Alexandre Garcia: 2022 selections delay the contest in contradiction of the epidemic

In the Autonomy of View table happening Thursday (8), Alexandre Garcia observed on the declarations thru President Jair Bolsonaro, who, throughout an occasion in Chapecó (SC), plain out the option of a nationwide lockdown and disapproved the postponement of preventive events by the republic.

“I caught the president’s language previous night besides I supposed it remained one of the finest he consumes always done. He meetings around 2022 since it is perhaps what is delaying this contest in contradiction of the epidemic,” supposed Garcia. “The effort to eliminate the leader is an effort to overwhelm the republic so that, once 2022, the democratic year reaches, Brazil determination be disbursing the value of the disorder entrenched by the final of businesses, jobs, the cheap down here”, Staff supplementary.
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“We determination nonconcrete the votes following day and extravagance this illness with the care it needs, in adding to cardiorespiratory illnesses and cancer as healthy. Why don’t we look at these illnesses too? The worm will break and we determination have additional surfs. we would take previously resolved the condition “, added Daily Reuters Staff.