Aircraft diversion: At the hands of This EYP the Substance from the security cameras of the airport

The mobilization of this Greek authorities started after the complaints of this journalist himselfthat while he had been in the airport he found a guy, whose traits he described in a message that he sent to a buddy. Based on data, the Greek authorities assert that the analysis so far hasn’t given a questionable function to folks who were in the airport whenever they haven’t identified a individual who has the features provided by the journalist.

On the other hand, the investigation isn’t complete.

Along with the cameras, the lists of passengers from several flights which have piqued the attention of the safety police go through a” sieve”.

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On the other hand, the analysis of this EYP is united and the authorities make” foliage and feather” most of the men and women who’ve been caught on the cameras to be near the journalist and his spouse.