Christina Haack, Ant Anstead and Hudson celebrated Hudson’s first birthday after their divorce.

Christina Haack, Ant Anstead, and their son, Ant, celebrated their second birthdays after their divorce. However, they did it separately.

Hudson’s parents, Haack (38), and Anstead (42), paid tribute to him on social media for his second birthday. After their June divorce, the ex-couple celebrated Hudson’s birthday in a separate celebration.

Haack took a picture of Hudson wearing a black shirt, smiling and holding a cupcake. The cupcake was adorned with a blue number 2 candle. The second photo shows the smiley little man riding a kiddie trike.

Hudson, have a great 2nd birthday! Haack captioned the picture, “Such an active, sweet, and brilliant boy!” Although he’s already able to talk a lot, Cash is his favorite word [emoji of a dog face]. “We adore you!”

Anstead also shared a picture of Hudson from his father’s birthday party. The birthday boy was taken in front of a large group, which included other children his own age.

“Hudzo has so many amazing friends!” A group of smart and cool people surround him. “Countless blessings!” Anstead wrote in the caption:

Both Anstead and Haack’s posts attracted a lot attention from their followers and fans. Many people wished Hudson happy birthday.

“Congratulations for your birthday!” Haack’s post was commented by one person: “He’s such a beautiful little boy!”

Someone else observed that he is a gorgeous youngster and that he looks very much like his father. He is creative and adventurous.

Many people thanked Anstead for being Hudson’s father in his message. Many of them praised Anstead’s parental skills.

Anstead received a response with a red heart emoticon. “Hudson is very fortunate with the best father!” 

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It seems that he is always there for you. Another person said that he was better with you because he hopes for a regular lifestyle.

“It’s incredible how beautiful you are Dad. It’s a blessing to be surrounded with wonderful people,” another commented.

Haack and Anstead broke up in September 2020, three months prior to their purported second anniversary. Their divorce was finalized in June.

Both have parted ways. Anstead is currently in a relationship to Austin-based realtor Joshua Hall. Haack has been seeing him.