If the academy members are split on Will Smith‘s ban, this may be a good time to discuss the topic. There are many opinions on what exactly should happen. One member, Beverly Walker, defended Smith and the Academy, and another critic, Chris Rock, sided with the critics. Still, other members took aim at the Academy’s leadership and David Rubin.

Fans are disappointed in the Oscars ban

While many movie fans are disappointed in the Oscars ban, some have called for more severe punishment. Many have even called for Smith to be charged with assault. Others are calling for Will Smith to lose his best actor award. But for now, it seems that Will Smith is happy with his punishment. He can win another Oscar, and will get to keep his trophy. Some film fans are angry, but are willing to accept the consequences of Will Smith’s conduct.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board of governors is unable to come to a unanimous decision on Smith’s ban. As a result, the board is ‘almost entirely split’ on the issue. Despite the ‘divided board,’ many members of the Academy are reluctant to revoke Smith’s Oscar. This decision is especially controversial given that sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski were never stripped of their Oscars.

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The Academy did not revoke Smith’s Oscar

During the award ceremony, some Academy members wanted the actor to leave the stage but no formal request was made. Smith stayed in the front row for over 30 minutes, and later went on stage to accept his Best Actor award. In the aftermath of the incident, Smith took the blame. The Academy did not revoke Smith’s Oscar. It’s not that the Academy should not accept the awards, but the Academy’s rules of conduct are very strict.

Will Smith will keep the Oscar he won

The Academy has apologized for the incident, but it has not officially banned the actor. Will Smith will keep the Oscar he won after the incident, but he will not be able to accept any more awards for 10 years. The Academy has said it is investigating the incident and is looking into the matter. And as a result, the Academy has apologized to Smith. After all, Will Smith was given the award for his role in “King Richard”.

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