For many guys, the bench press is the ultimate strength exercise. Do you want to show that you are stronger than your average meathead? Put some plates on the bars, grab the bench and lift that weight.

The bench press is a sign of strength, and some guys who are unquestionably strong won’t spend much time lifting weights. They have other training goals and need to train differently in order to reach them. Lu Xiaojun, a Chinese Olympic weightlifter

. He addressed the topic of the bench press in a YouTube video recently posted to his channel, giving a different perspective of the lift than gym bros who celebrate International Chest Day each and every Monday. In a YouTube video he addressed the subject of the bench press. This gives him a different perspective than the gym brothers who celebrate International Chest Day every Monday. Xiaojun’s perspective on weightlifting is well worth the effort, especially as a five-time world champion and gold medalist.

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“Bench Press?” “Me?” When asked if he had ever tested his max bench during his career, Xiaojun replies (through an interpreter). He explains that he is weakest at pressing lifts that require bench press, strict press, push press and bench press. There’s a reason he doesn’t train them.

Xiaojun advises weightlifters to avoid bench pressing. This is for all athletes, not just those lifting weights in the gym, and can limit shoulder mobility which is crucial for overhead maneuvers.