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You’ll notice that long hair can end up all over the place, including in your bed, food, and clothes.

This is not to mention the time and effort you’ll lose while brushing your hair or washing your hair in the shower.

One woman is meticulously gathering hair strands from her hair to create a wig.

Liz Lele began saving her hairs almost 18 months ago, 520 days ago to be exact. She has amassed 6,596 hairs so far.

Lele has been posting her progress on her TikTok Page, where she calls herself the “creator” of the #showerhairchallenge.

She said, “It’s all collecting hair and repurposing.” Lele is thought to be from Brooklyn. She has experimented with hair.

In one of her latest videos, she shared details about her journey. She said, “In a year-and-a-half, I’ve pretty much lost more than 12,000 hairs. The other half went into wig-making, while the rest is used for personal use.

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“I just finished my roll double stick tape. I was so shocked at how thin it is on the top. One roll can hold approximately 6,420 if done correctly. Each piece of tape had about 100 hairs.


She also mentioned that she uses tweezers for the best hair position. She compared her DIY hair extension to her own hair, exclaiming, “It’s so beautiful. I really love it.” How can I be bald? How can we not go bald? If I did this for ten years, I would have a full-blown hairdo.

Some of the hairs were used to create fake bangs. She attached loose strands to a headband and cut them. Lele shared her excitement about the final product last week in a video. She said, “It’s now time to cut my bangs.”

Lele stated that “This is hair I’ve collected, which I’ve ventilated into a piece lace that was attached to a headband. It’s finally finished. I am measuring it so it will lay flat on my forehead. Although I am not a hairdresser, I’m trying.”

She straightened them and said, “I think it’s happy.” You wouldn’t know it looks this cute. It matches her hair perfectly. She added: “If your goal is to have bangs but not cut your real bangs, then this entire series will help you.”

She answered, “In my hand, with my brush after I wash my hair.”

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Fans have been donating their hair to Lele, who is creating a separate wig. This wig has been in the making for 505 days. She intends to donate this wig.


She’s now collecting her eyelashes to possibly make fake lash strips. Lele shared a video last month entitled “eyelash collection” in which she revealed that she currently has 15 eyelashes and collects them every time she cleans her face.

Daniella said that her videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Tee-Tee wrote “Girls you got free extensions.”

Sarenee said that it was smart to get a wig when you grow older and you lose your hair, or start to gray.