A video of a Ukrainian officer showing a telephone that seemed to have halted a shot has circulated around the web since being shared on the internet.

Twitter client OSINTtechnical posted the 30-second clasp where the trooper took out a telephone with a projectile held up in it on Monday, April 18.

As of Tuesday, April 19, the video has been seen nearly multiple times across a few web-based entertainment stages.
OSINTtechnical inscribed the video: “Ukrainian trooper’s telephone halted [with] what seems, by all accounts, to be a 7.62 round.”

In the clasp, the two men can be heard talking as snow falls into what seemed, by all accounts, to be a stopgap channel, before one of the officers takes out a telephone, which had been entered by a projectile.

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The officer could then be heard saying: “The main thing that saved my life is this telephone for ₴20,000 ($673) [and] an identification that they gave us.”
Apparently stunned by what he had recently seen, the warrior recording the clasp took the telephone and held it near the camera, showing the tip of the slug had pierced the telephone.

Since being transferred onto the virtual entertainment stage, the video has been enjoyed somewhere in the range of multiple times and retweeted on 2,320 events.
While the clasp circulated around the web on Twitter, it was additionally shared on various stages including YouTube.

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