A Pearl Jam fan played drums onstage with the band in Oakland, California, last night after drummer Matt Cameron tested positive for COVID-19. Pearl Jam had been forced to postpone the show in Oakland after Cameron tested positive for the virus. The fan, Josh Arroyo, stepped in to play the drums onstage during the band’s performance.

The band was so moved by this fan that Cameron brought the cast of his movie Singles to Off Ramp in Seattle, where the rock stars hung out all night. The star of the film, Matt Dillon, hung out with Pearl Jam, while the rest of the cast left the Seattle scene early. It was a great night for all. Hopefully, Matt will be back on stage in no time.

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The concert in Oakland was scheduled for Thursday night, and was originally part of the group’s North American tour two years ago. The East Bay was left out of the concert due to a pandemic. The fan drove four hours from Truckee, California to see Pearl Jam. He tailgated in the parking lot, and even paced out his beer to avoid using the restroom during the band’s set.

A fan who went to the show made sense of the origin story in the remarks area. “Eddie inquired as to whether there were any drummers in the group that needed to play,” YouTube client Joe Booth composed. “Josh bounced up and raced to the front isle. Eddie saw his shirt, which recorded all of the PJ drummers. The. Eddie said, ‘Get him tried for COVID and bring him out for the reprise!’ The spot went crazy! Legendary PJ show second. Congratulations, Josh. Get set!”

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