The McDonald’s employee claimed that she placed the payment of $7000 in an TikTok video that became viral.

Brittani Marie Curtis (@brittanicurtis23) posted an image on TikTok on October 10 and captioned it “no lie, ya girl is TIRED!”

Curtis claimed in the video’s comments section it was made for the local jail in Perry, Georgia, and staff were given just four hours to complete the purchase. The McDonald’s is located close to in the vicinity of Houston County Detention Center, according to the WSB-TV Atlanta however it’s not clear if this is the exact location that the order was for.

In the video, Curtis said she prepared an order for 6,400 items, which included 1,600 McChicken sandwiches as well as 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 cookies.

The video received more than the 784,000 views and 127,000 liked when it was published.

Boxes that are filled of McChicken along with McDouble sandwiches from the kitchen of the restaurant are shown in this video.

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Curtis added she was required to perform numerous transactions in the amount of 500 before she was taking orders and the employees followed the goods by counting the items in 20 and 20 increments.

In his remarks, Curtis said the prison provided the food in advance. “We do business with them a lot,” Curtis added. “They’re very credible. It’s usually never such short notice though.”