Priest at Denmark accused of Murdering wife after Upsetting internet searches Located on Pc Three months following his wife’s disappearance, the priest had been detained in relation to the situation. When she did not appear to one of her two children’ birthday party three days afterwards, her sister reported her missing. Researchers completed extensive searches, such as with trained dogs, but were not able to find the missing girl.

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Investigators later discovered lactic acid and caustic soda at the couple’s house in addition to online searches on their pc for terms including”sea thickness,””oil barrels,””suicide,””disappeared” and”cleaning.” Surveillance footage from Nov. 6 in a recycling station revealed Gotthard transferring a massive barrel onto a hand truck. A Lutheran priest in Denmark was accused of murdering his lost wife after net searches for”sea thickness,””disappeared” and”petroleum barrels” were discovered over the couple’s computer, prosecutors said Monday.

She’d left her telephone, personal computer and charge cards supporting, authorities said. Gotthard has promised his spouse, a 43-year-old psychologist, was in a miserable condition when she disappeared from the couple’s house at Frederikssund on Oct. 26.