A judge denies Britney Spears' request to have her father removed as her guardian in November

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied Britney Spears’ father’s motion to remove him as guardian of the estate. He also made an official November request to allow a trust as co-tutor.

Although the decision was taken just one week after the explosive testimony of Jamie Spears about her role as guardian by the pop star, Judge Brenda Penny did not make that decision.

After Spears’ lawyer requested that the Bessemer Trust serve as co-guardian, the decision was taken.

A judge denies Britney Spears' request to have her father removed as her guardian in November

The court records state that James P. Spears’ request to be suspended immediately after the appointment of Bessemer Trust Company of California sole guardian of the estate is denied without prejudice.

Sources claim that Britney spoke to Sam multiple times over the past week. He asked him to send documentation to put an end to this.”

Jamie Spears’ attorneys filed a few filings Wednesday. One of them asks for a judge to investigate claims Britney Spears made last week that she was forced to take medication and act against. His will.

“Lithium [a strong drug] is very different from what I was taking. Drinking too much can lead to mental disability, said Spears at a hearing held June 23. I felt dizzy. I couldn’t defend myself. I was unable to have any conversation with my parents or mom about anything. They sent six nurses to my home to keep an eye on me as I took this medication that I did not want to take.

Bipolar disorder is a condition in which bipolar disorder can be treated with lithium. It often causes episodes or depression, and sometimes mania. It can also be used for depression.

Spears started to the judge, “I think this guardianship abuses.” I want my life back. He said that 13 years has passed and it was enough.

The next hearing is set for July 14.

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