WHAT?! First an alligator and presently a snake on the shore? Marsha Paul spotted that snake on Sunset Beach this morning,” the local news outlet composed in the post.

The article had racked up 245 remarks and 575 shares in the time of publication, together with many users expressing concern about moving in the water after the sighting–especially since it came only days after an alligator was seen on the shore just 30 minutes away.

“I have loved the beach since I was a kid and grew up in Loris and all of these pics are out me, which makes me not want to go swimming at the Ocean again,” one man wrote.

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Still another said,”I had been born and raised in this field. Spent a lot of time in the shore. I never saw an alligator or a snake even close to the water allowed alone at the water. Incredible! I don’t like snakes or alligators.”