A 38-year-old Illinois man was pulled Sunday after a deputy watched him apparently sleeping beneath the wheel at a 20-19 Tesla operating on autopilot, the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said in a news release.

When a deputy pulled along side the vehicle near the Wisconsin and Illinois boundary, he saw”that the driver’s mind was down and was not taking a look at the path,” the release said. The deputy followed closely by Tesla for about two miles with the squad car’s lights and sirens activated until the driver knew that he had been pulled , ” the release said.

“I followed you for about two miles and you’re sleeping, you were totally enjoy this in the vehicle,” one of those deputies can be heard saying in body-cam footage published by the sheriff’s department. “I was upside out of you, I was looking at you and you’re doing this, your own eyes were closed. I understand you have auto pilot, but when something was to occur, you are unable to make that conscious decision to discontinue in a rush.”

In the body cam footage, that started after the guy was dragged over, deputies went forth and back with the driver that said he was drowsy, however, maybe not sleeping. The person said he was on his way to work on the right time of getting pulled .

“We had a person call you in sleeping, and they followed from Illinois entirely to Highway 50,” one deputy says of a fellow driver that called 911 to report the driver,”and then he [one other deputy] got along side you personally, and you also were pumped out,” the deputy said to the driver.

“I have the auto option, but you still have to be attentive and doing things,” the 2nd deputy added.

Deputies issued the motorist a citation for inattentive driving and ordered the Tesla to be towed from the scene, asserting the motorist was unable to operate the automobile.

There have been no additional signs of disability or medical conditions a part of the episode, the deputies noticed within their dialog with the motorist.

Deputies also said the operator had two prior incidents where drivers on the interstate predicted police after detecting the driver sleeping behind the wheel February and August of 20 20. The deputy said this was his very first time coping with an inattentive driver operating a autonomous car.

Deputies said the operator need to finish a driver state report, an evaluation to find out if he is fit to use a car.

“I must be sure everybody’s safe, and to me personally, that is not being safe,” one deputy said.

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The sheriff’s department said Tesla mandates that operators keep their hands on the wheel whatsoever times when utilising the auto pilot feature.