9 Stars Innovation is pleased to launch the new range of sensors bins for 2022

9 Stars Innovation is pleased to launch the new range of sensors bins for 2022, Offering an elegant, stylish range of kitchen waste bins.

There is nothing more attractive in a house than a fully equipped, usable & functional kitchen. We have been introduced to multiple practical electronics gadgets and intelligent devices that help ease our engagement within the kitchen.

May we take this opportunity to enhance and make our presence in the kitchen more engaging and pleasant? Introducing 9Stars, bringing innovations for everyday living!

The most significant, elegant waste bins for domestic and commercial use. So, whether your hands are covered with butter, flour, cooking oil or just general waste, you do not need to touch the lid or spread mess or germs!

Hands-free, Touch and Pedal Less engagement, that allows you hygienically continue with your prepping.

How? Let’s explore further.

Intelligent waste dustbins by 9 Stars Innovation, No Hands, No Touch no Mess!

Smart trash cans are bins made of high-tech components and infrared motion sensors. The company innovates, promotes and sells ingenious household items, including the electric waste rubbish bins, turbo spin mops and Self-changing & bagging waste bins, to make your life germ-free and safe.

Above all, these products are practical and in need of everyday use whilst addressing the hygiene and cleanse that’s most required in today’s environment. Germ, virus free and safe environment!

Suppose you seek the latest kitchen Gadget that’s family-friendly and safe for all your loved ones. Then you will admire the innovations by 9Stars Innovation.

They certainly understand and address the concerns!

In reference to the waste disposal waste system, they have gone beyond the protocol to address some of the following features:

  • Premium quality 430-grade stainless steel body
  • Easy maintenance that’s Smudge, Smear & fingerprint-proof brushed steel Body
  • Funnel design for ease of removing waste bin rubbish without the need of, tug of war!
  • Child and Pet Friendly dust bins
  • Large Opening lid that allows ease of dropping waste
  • Soft and Silent Closing bin lid
  • The Magic ring enables the use of any standard Black Bin liner, preventing bag drop and hiding the ugly hangover
  • No need for unique bin bags – Standard Black liners
  • Uses 3 x D size batteries that last up to 14 months before the change
  • Non-skid base

The features are endless… Learn More at the “link to the website.”

What’s great about these premium sensor bins is, they are equally appreciated in commercial environments, such as hospitals, dental Practices, GP and Doctors’ Surgeries, and Hospitality, to name a few.

So, what are the choices?

8L Small Waste Bin for the bathroom or even as a food waste caddy

A well thought out design that’s slimline, narrow and compact in shape. It is so comprehensive that it can be used in small tight spaces, such as bathrooms, bedrooms and even caravans.

It is so advanced that as a countertop waste caddy for recycling and composting food waste. It is supplied within a removable, washable inner Bucket for the ease of disposing of waste.

Large 80L Kitchen Sensor Waste Bin

The biggest and largest kitchen waste with a small footprint. The elegant, sleek and attractive design places this in any domestic and commercial environment.

Probably the best-looking waste bin for all kitchens and the commercial environment!

80L Recycling Sensor Waste Bin with Two Compartments Recycling!!!!

All within one placement!

This unit offers you an equal split of 40L + 40L, all within one dustbin. So, whether it’s general waste, plastic, cans or cardboard…… the big 80l waste is ready to digest and assist with recycling.

The 2 individual magic ring holders will allow you to use any standard bin liners, hiding the ugly hangover and preventing bag drops!

The funnel design will further assist with the ease of removing the bin liner without the challenges!


These three waste bins are elegant and intelligent in design placement in modern homes or commercial environments.

It is a totally touchless waste management system that addresses the smaller areas such as the bathroom, bedroom, and restricted spaces. Whilst the 80L large kitchen bins accommodate the general waste, The 80L twin compartments assist with the recycling of Glass, Plastic or paper.

The perfect combo set of 3 bins that’s also pet and children friendly. In our opinion is probably the most stylish and hygienic waste bin in the world.

Why not explore further details and take advantage of the special promotions offer.

You can check out more details about these products on the official website. Links are given below:

8L Sensor Waste Bin

80L Sensor Waste Bin

80L Recycling Sensor Waste Bin

Integrity, want to see in action?